About Me

By means of introduction, I’m Hannah. I live and work in a city, I have fantastic friends and I enjoy reading books.

I have been interested in my own sexuality since I was seven years old. I’m not sure where the line between interested and obsessed crosses, but I’m sure I sit somewhere between the two, most of the time. I have been interested in other people’s sexuality since I was about twelve (I had a lot to learn about myself, and much still to learn I am sure).

Embarrassingly, and since I am here to confess, my first sexual thought was for Esmerelda when she was tied up in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Not so surprisingly for me, my recent sexual thoughts haven’t been much different. I find our own interests, preferences and kinks open up this fantastic world of exploration, sensation and by researching this more I’ve entered a community which truly celebrates and respects people and diversity.

I started writing my thoughts, ideas and experiences in 2015. I love to write, and this seemed like a natural way to further contribute and learn from this community. Plus, I’m really into some weird things, and I find it a huge turn on when I tell other people about it. Unfortunately, there are only a few of my friends which would entertain a conversation starting ‘This one time, I was tied to a chair and fucked by two guys and I loved every second of it…’.

I write about things I have enjoyed, things I’d like to try as well as wider issues surrounding sex positivity such as consent, sexual health and ways to enjoy sex in a safe, secure and open environment.

If anything, it might provide material to have a glorious wank to. And, if I’m honest, glorious wanks are often the highlight of my day.