Sexy (or lack of).

I should make clear from the start that this is not a body shaming post, although yes like most people (I imagine) I have days where I love my body more than others.
I don’t think I have ever felt sexy in front of anyone.

One of my favourite things in this world is lingerie. I love nothing more than trying on lace, silk, satin- except perhaps wearing beautiful underwear under my everyday clothes. I can look in a mirror and feel wonderful, beautiful and sexy. I can feel incredibly sexy taking pictures of myself (naked or otherwise) or recording myself, and sending them on to others. But that fizzes away and disappears when I have to stand (or quite often kneel…!) in front of another person.

Partners have helped me feel attractive, beautiful and in some cases adorable (sometimes one of my favourite post sex activities is wrapping myself up in a duvet like a sausage roll as I get so very cold). But sexy, I’m not sure. Sexy implies confidence, and my in head confidence equates with dominance. I’m not sure I have much of the former, and definitely lack a fair bit of the latter.

What makes you feel sexy? Is it a state of mind, or a result of circumstance? I imagine both. I’m interested to hear what makes others feel sexy, and how that manifests itself- feel free to share!

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